Clan application

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Clan application

Post by Axx on Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:31 pm

Name : aviv akuka

Age : 25

Country : Israel

Wartale Forum Name : Axx

CHEER Forum Name : Axx

In Game Character : 106 FS Axx , 115 mage Tyfoon (it might be Tyfooon)

New player or ComeBack Player : come back player, never passed lvl 115

Play more on PvE or PvP: PvE 90% of the time

Anything else to add : dont know it to train my FS alone, or leech from my MGS 

What other games I'm playing when I afk in Wartale: League of Legends (BR server), Overwatch, Fifa (PC)


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Re: Clan application

Post by akasha on Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:32 am

okay ur a member of this forum now, go to this topic ❤CHEER [NOOBIES]❤
 for bacsics clan stuff, and look for mule manager to invite one of ur main character in, so u have two characters, pick the one u played most for now to join the clan, because clan is very full.

or u can seach "CHEER" in clan master and apply, but u will have to wait me to online and click accept in clan master.

and I guess u copy the previous clan application, "league of Legends (BR server)" why are Israel people playing in Brazil league of legends xDD


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