Clan Application

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Clan Application

Post by moodmood on Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:15 pm

Name : Wong

Age : 45

Country : Malaysia

Wartale Forum Name : moodmood

CHEER Forum Name : moodmood

In Game Character : 128 mage moodmood / 128 ata inove

New player or ComeBack Player : old player and stopped playing for sometime, just cant back recently 

Play more on PvE or PvP: PvE only, No clan at this moment, so mostly solo in game.

Anything else to add : unable to play much, family first.

What other games I'm playing when I afk in Wartale: facebook games, mobile legend.


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Re: Clan Application

Post by akasha on Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:10 pm

Okay, I just made u into member of this forum, u can see most of our topics now, 

there are two ways to join clan, one is to go to ❤CHEER [NOOBIES]❤ this topics, find the ID & sharepass of mule manager, log in and use it to invite ur character into clan,

another way is click Clan Master in game, and search for "CHEER", and click join, but for this u will have to wait for me to online the next time, to go to Clan Master and click accept for u,

please put only 1 character in CHEER, so there are more clan space for other new coming members, other characters u can put them in our mule clan Melancholy, or otherwise u can join NoRules, but I thought Bigpro made his clan for 140+ SLHS only, so I have no idea, go ask him xD


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