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CLAN Application

Post by lamp18 on Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:12 pm

Name : Sergio Freitas
Age : 26

Country : Portugal
Wartale Forum Name : Lamp18

In Game Character : 118 MS GlennRirisu and a lot of them tho i dont remmemer >.<

New player or ComeBack Player : old player but not a comeback or am i?

Play more on PvE or PvP: PvE only.

Anything else to add : I'm not playing this game so regularly... PS: I copied this from other person tho i think i could lol!

What other games I'm playing when I don't play Wartale: Path of Exile... nothing more... my game my life .. im also a builder tho not a guider .. i make my own builds if anyone who play this want some advices go ahead and ask me geek if not, whatever tho bounce


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