Example of How To Apply [PLEASE READ]

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Example of How To Apply [PLEASE READ]

Post by akasha on Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:41 pm


1. Go over to forum link:   http://cheerclan.yoo7.com/

2.Register (remember same forum name as Wartale or else it's hard for me to know who is who), verify and log in.

3. Click "Public Zone".

4. Click Clan Application.

5. Read how to apply and the application example, and then go create a new topic for your application.
6. Wait for me to add you over to become the forum clan members.

Why so much trouble,and moving from Wartale private CHEER board to a new CHEER forum because people keep on abusing clan resources, like clan accounts, clan events, clan treasury etc. so we make it harder for people to get to the resources, so most clan resources are moved over,

when you register remember also to have the same forum name as Wartale.

Different members can see different stuff:

Public members (light blue name): clan introduction, clan member introductions
People who are new player, or comeback player, or from other clans, or whoever it is that visit this CHEER forum

Clan Members (yellow name): clan events, some clan accounts
New people who join CHEER

Clan Senior Members (light green name): clan events, all clan accounts
Old CHEER members meeting specific requirements to become seniors

Clan Retired Members (orange name): same as Clan Members
Old CHEER members who are now high level enough to join other stronger clans

Once again I repeat please use same forum name as Wartale forum name here, for both new and old CHEER members alike, or else it's so hard to know who is who when more people get there, and confusion will rise.


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Re: Example of How To Apply [PLEASE READ]

Post by akasha on Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:39 am

Name : Chu Huan

Age : 29

Country : Taiwan

Wartale Forum Name : akasha

CHEER Forum Name : akasha

In Game Character : 147 ms SweetieCutie / 152 as ㄇㄇ / 142 prs Bobbie

New player or ComeBack Player : old player but one year at Wartale only

Play more on PvE or PvP: PvE only, sometimes my friends ask me to go Mars BC for fun poking.

Anything else to add : I do SL Daily Quest and then I'm off to help clan stuff or Febuary ask me to farm gold with him, because he is lonely.

What other games I'm playing when I afk in Wartale: Path of Exile, Dota 2, Final Fantasy if any release, Resident Evil same if any is released, but I don't play all, mostly watch gameplay walkthrough on Youtube, it's faster that way and I get to know the current game meta, just finish watching on Horizon Zero Dawn, World of Final Fantasy, Fatal Frame V etc.

My original self-intro in Wartale:

Damn guess I have no choice as clan chief:
in game name: SunnieSmile
I'm introverted but friendly 
I never wanted to be the very best, but I have no choice 
I played PT for a long time, I do play many other games, but PT is the longest I think unless you count Final Fantasy seris or Resident Evil series or Dota 1&2 in.
This is like the last good PT server there is, so don't worry I'm stuck here.


taken just now

better looking me 

This is an example, you don't have to follow exactly the introduction template, you can have your own things to say.

Also for people who are already in CHEER and have already posted ur introduction in Wartale forum, please do copy and paste here, so that other new coming members get to know u, because this is gonna be the new CHEER forum for chat, clan events, clan resources etc.


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